PETA urges Doctor Who to go Vegan


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      PETA has written a letter urging the new female 13th doctor to go vegan. I guess they don't realize they display how stupid they are and that they never watched the show. (being made fun of for being a science fiction nerd is another reason I left the vegetarian community besides the rampant coke use)

      11 was chided by an enemy the Dream Master "Oh, you're probably a vegetarian" and then criticized him for making nice little butcher shops go out of business.

      12? He had many meat-eating comments galore from his first episode. He couldn't fathom why humans would freak out over flesh eating creatures and not realize they were the same every time they ate a chicken or a steak. HIs comments are numerous throughout his run.

      Here's the letter. I wish they had actually watched the show before they wrote it.


        Matt Smith's Doctor did like custard and fish fingers (fish sticks to us Yanks) though.