my veggie diet causes more tooth plaque?


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Posted by LadyLeslie

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      My dentist is amazed at the high amounts of plaque I generate. I've gotten the gum inflamation under control through the use of certain solutions (she doesn't like them but she can't argue with the results) and she says I need an electric toothbrush but she says my plaque is so high despite my care.

      She then asked me, "Do you eat a lot of carbs?"

      well, yeah. that's why i'm fat. but i eat a lot of vegan macrobiotic food. Boiled grains like rices, buckweat and quinoa.
      4 or 5 days of the week these foods are my main diet with beans.

      Turns out such a diet causes more plaque buildup. who knew?

        Tip your diet to mix in more vegetable protein, and use an enzyme mouthwash before and after you floss :)

          Thanks, joancarlson!  Welcome to the Maccaboard!

          When you say enzyme mouthwash, are examples of those like Plax, Act or Biotene?  They seem to be the ones that have the most anti-plaque ingredients added.    I'm a vegetarian and still eat organic dairy products, which could cause extra plaque, so those kind of mouthwashes work best for me.