Happy 74th Birthday Paul!


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      Getting an early start since I found this:

        [quote="Nancy R"]Getting an early start since I found this


        Thanks for the reminder Nancy.

        June 18th was both my Father's birthday and is Paul's so it is a very special day for me.

        Good health to Paul and hope he can spend 2017 resting and writing (at his leisure) some great new music for the world.

          [quote="Nancy R"]Getting an early start since I found this

          Saturday will be a Paul McCartney day around my home. I hope the neighbors enjoy his music as much as I do. )

            If we wanted to send a card for Paul's birthday, is there any where we can send them?

              Happy Birthday Sir Paul!


                love2travel:If we wanted to send a card for Paul's birthday, is there any where we can send them?

                Yes, but we're not allowed to say on the forum. It's a bit late for snail mail anyway!

                  I haven't posted in years so I'm new again. Had a helluva time gettin in, I'll tell you that. Anyway, Happy Birthday Paul! (A day early). I know it's June 18 'cause of an odd coincidence. My wife found out she was pregnant one morning some 12 years ago. That night we travelled from Lafayette to New Orleans to see your show. It was great, but I missed the most recent one due to computer scalpers. I was privileged to buy a day early and there was nothing under $300. Anyway, after the show 12 years ago (0ne of the first with the post-Linda band), my wife and I returned to the car and she starts going on about baby names. The concert as great, so I thought to nam him after you. I know your first name is James, but your middle and stage name is Paul, so we went w Paul. Then, when he was born I carried him to a crib and wrote Paul Alexander Curry on the paper the nurse gave me. I picked up a newspaper that had a "what happened this day in history" section. I read, "On this day, across the ocean in Liverpool was born Sir Paul McCartney . . . ." Well, I just about fell on the floor. Good timing, huh? And get this--my wife had another kid named Michael, not named after your brother, sorry to say. I have at least two cousin Michaels, one of whom painted the Lady Liberty logo for Sony. He's done much more than that though, covers for Time, Legends of Hollywood stamps, like Marilyn Monroe. But that's not of whom I thought when my wife asked. I thought of a real nice cousin on my father's side, whom I'd met only once or twice. He's no longer with us. He was a lucky man, who made the grade, whose life came to a swift end. And I can't help but wonder whether his significant inheritance played a part. On a happier note, I did meet your brother Mike at Tulane, covering his Liverpool presentation as a reporter for the U of New Orleans Driftwood. Well, Happy Birthday again; I'll be leaving soon to meet my son, who is celebrating his birthday w his grandparents in Baton Rouge, so Goodbye Joe, Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou. Son of a gun, we gonna have big fun. I'm gonna see mah m'chez a mio. You invited too. PM me via email. Mais je suis certain que vous avez quelques autre chose ? fait. But you could consider inviting your namesake next year. Maybe you could teach him the right way to sing Yesterday. It's about the only thing he's done in school where he didn't sparkle. Well, au revoir sha! I'm not Cajun, but stay here long enough and it's rub off on you. I'm told sha is used here instead of cher. Hell, when these people arrived from Nova Scotia, they had their oral language, their religion, and that's it. Well they did have their music, "La Jolie Blonde," etc. Hey, you want to get away from it all, rent a houseboat in the Atchafalaya. Nobody's going to recognize you, Ah gahrauntee.

                    Happy Birthday Paul can't wait to see you in St. Louie

                      Hi all, my name is Leslie, I'm new to this board, but have been a fan of Paul's for what seems forever. It's nice to be here! I work at a puppetry theatre and workshop for children, and recently came into contact with a puppeteer who does Beatles-themed shows. In honor of Paul's birthday, I wanted to share this YouTube video of a show this puppeteer did, starring Paul's favorite pet, Martha. Hope you all enjoy, and Happy Birthday to Paul!


                      P. S. Want to quickly say how much Paul's music has meant to me... there hasn't been a crisis in my life that I haven't found comfort and strength in listening to one of his songs... such as "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday"... they've really helped me get through stuff... and anytime there's a tense or sad situation, where I have to either control my tears, or keep from saying something I regret, I have this trick where I try to listen to a song such as "You Say Goodbye, and I say Hello, Hello, Hello..." or "Live and Let Die".. in my head... somehow just thinking the songs always distracts me into forgetting what I'm concerned about, and puts my mind in a better place, lol

                        Hate to tell you Bill, but Paul will never read what you wrote. Good story though!

                          Happy Birthday Paul
                          when you come back to Japan?Please One On One in Japan!

                            Happy Birthday Paul McCartney.

                            Cheers from Hamburg


                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL I wish you a long and wonderful life, and thank you for all you have given me the last 51 years 2: 2: 2:

                                Nancy R:Hate to tell you Bill, but Paul will never read what you wrote. Good story though!

                                Ummm...then why are *any* of us sending birthday greetings to someone who will "never read what you wrote"?? True, it is highly doubtful that Paul would ever read these messages, but we continue to send the love, right?
                                Happy Birthday, Sir Paul! I love you, and thanks for the music and memories

                                  A very happy birthday to Paul!

                                    Planning anything special? ð???ð??¸ð??¸â?·ð??¿ð??¬ð??¿ð?¥ð??

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!! You're eternal! My eternal love! Paul here, there and everywhere! Paul For EVER!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

                                        Nancy R:Hate to tell you Bill, but Paul will never read what you wrote. Good story though!

                                        Hi Nancy! It's a smaller world than you think! I could have easily met Paul by playing Apple Scruff at Sea-Saint Studios in '75. My girlfriend, surprisingly, chickened out. Then I became a news reporter and, while still n college, interviewed Michael McCartney, Paul's brother. As a pro, I had a long conversation with Ron Howard, a brief one w Clint Eastwood, "Get outta my way, Punk!" Just kidding. He told me tell everyone in my town to see his next "flick," I stood next to Michael J. Fox, drink in one hand, fox in other, as girls pounded on a glass wall at the end of a hall, threatening to break it down. Shared laughs w Red Skelton. I could go on, but the truth is I care that Paul reads my story. Not so he comes over for a drink, but for his sake. It's so coincidental, there's' almost something metaphysical about it. Actually, I have talked to Paul, as follows: Me: (loudly) She Loves You! Paul: Well, I tell you what, that's an old one, but now we're going to play a new one. Me: Besame Mucho! Finally, I hung around the French Quarter w this guitarist who wanted my guitar for about 10 years. He plays lead guitar on Bob Dylan's Oh, Mercy album. And Bob wrote about the guy, Mason, in Chronicles Vol. I. I still keep up w/him, Mason, that is. Just saw a photo of him and Jimmy Page trying out each other's guitars.

                                        I wrote what I wrote for Paul's sake, not mine. It's a very strange but true story. Oh, and guess who I met about 5 years ago? Pete Best. Great guy. And when I was in New York, guess who sat at the next table? Woody Allen. But the guy who writes about old NYC buildings has everybody beat: He and his date were eating dinner when who should the hostess sit next to them--John and Yoko.

                                        One last time on the chances of Paul reading my missive. I just read all three volumes of Mark Twain's bio. He didn't want any body to read it until 100 years after his death. I can sum them up, and I should mention I have a PhD in English to help vouch for their veracity. Vol I-Twain reads his mail. Vol II-Twain reads his mail. Vol III-Twain reads his mail.

                                        Well, Nancy, do I think you'll read all this? I hope so. But for you, not for me.

                                          Happy birthday Paul!

                                            Happy birhday to Paul (and to me)!
                                            I wish you good health and happiness.