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        jimmix: https://youtu.be/7qrMdAEmJJ8

        great share!

          Thanks for sharing my YouTube page!!!

            thanks for putting this together

              In August 1979, I was in London and one of my friends managed tickets via the Fun Club to a special afternoon screening of this film at the Rainbow. (We were all members, but she was the one who found out about the screening and got the tickets for us. )

              It was very cool to see these videos for the first time, let alone getting to see them on a big movie screen! They had microphones in the balcony and asked us to cheer loudly thruout the film so they could record it, and then it was meant to be tacked onto the final version. I've since seen some versions that have it and some that don't.


              10th August Wings film "Back to the Egg"
              The last film to be show using in house carbon arc projectors

                Wouldn't it be nice if there were a couple of fun clubs...say London, NYC and a couple of other places. There could be coordinated events, movies, ticket lotteries, special shirts and merch items, members only first notifications, band info, soundcheck lotteries, special things like amoeba event, or the Apollo. Something where all the best spots didn't go to only the rich people. So sad the Pioneers went bust...so many of us had high hopes on that. Sort of like a much smaller version of Hard Rock even. Wings Cafe on the Left Bank with Monkberry Moon shakes and Flaming Apple pie, Heaven on a Sunday veggie salads, Ou Este La Soliel Lemonade...

                  Who's the bigger ham?

                    That's interesting. I always assumed that the applause was "canned." But doing it this way is really quite clever and gives the applause credibility.

                      Love Back to the Egg!!