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      Just was watching Paul on David Letterman. I like this interview a lot-Paul really is quite clever in a lot of his answers. David is a funny man and it's great to see Paul counteract that banter beautifully.

      I love the part, right at the beginning, where Dave asks basically "why haven't you been on this show before' (which IMO I don't think is a fair question to ask someone who is actually on your show sitting in front of you-he's Paul McCartney he doesn't actually need your show Dave Paul doesn't miss a beat: "I don't like your show" haha Take That Dave!! (though I think Dave handled that response really well, "ok, we'll put it in your file' LOL)

      I love the part where Paul teases Dave 'about not reading his cards' when Dave makes a mistake as to what is coming up next on his own show-classic.

      I also love when Paul says yes to making hits with Micheal Jackson cuz he's "being in the hit making variety" great line!! (side note: I think Paul is so polite about MJ, I mean MJ is gone now, so what's the point, it's all in the past, but MJ really screwed him over)

      It's a great interview cuz Paul really holds his own with a witty guy like Dave Letterman. So many late night hosts have these great jokes, but it's nice to see when someone can banter back just as good. Here's the interview part, if you've never seen it: