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      Having been a lifelong fan and having seen him back in 1989 at Wembley , I think, I was amazed to see Paul outside a cinema yesterday in Kent. I knew he lives down our way somewhere but did not ever expect to meet him. We live on the coast and nearly decided against the 20 mile drive to the cinema, lucky we went!!
      A lovely down to earth man. I kept talking about my son being a Beatles fan but really I am also a fan! We love Paul and his Wings music in our house and it was so nice to meet him. He was sat in his car ready to leave but waited to talk to us. So kind to talk to us, and still so cool. So much I could have said to him but just couldn't find the words.
      You have our respect Paul and if we ever met again, which sadly I doubt, I shall try to have a bit more to say!!

        How exciting!!!

        Glad to have you with us, casslake, welcome to the board!

          How cool. Nearest i got to meet him was my auntie was have dinner in restaurant and he was there with his children. I was gutted that she never told me and stated that he was nice guy.

            Thankyou very much moderator, I am happy to be here!

              Congratulations Andrea, and welcome to the message board!

              Paul definately has that affect on his fans!

              I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here!

                Hi Andrea!

                Welcome to the message board!

                Great story, congratulations!!! Treasure your moment with Paul always!

                  Dear Friend, I really understand what you mean. I met Sir Paul twice and I stayed without words. The first time he stops in front of me on a Rio de Janeiro street and begin to talk about my Cavern Club tshirt in 1990. The second time was in Quito this year. We met each other on the fitness room in the hotel. This time we had a trivial conversation about the altitude in Quito, the Olympics and the World Cup in Brazil. I was so happy and shy that I didn´t ask for a sign or a photo because of his privacy. We love him and we need to have consciousness that Paul needs moments to be Paul. I´ll love to have a thing with me to remember this moment, but... next time... ops:

                    I have never met Paul but my neighbor has. Joe, a make-up artist volunteered for a shoot in Hollywood for Wings, 1999. Joe touched up Paul's face with just a little bit of make-up. After the shoot Joe was enjoying the catered lunch when surprisingly, Paul sat net to him. Paul noticed Joe's Vietnam dog tags that were attached to his key ring. Paul asked him about his experience as a gunner on the helicopter over the treacherous tropical of Vietnam. They also talked about their families. Paul asked Joe a lot of questions. He then told Joe that he would send him some things as Joe had volunteered his time to do the shoot. Never expecting a thing, a large cardboard box arrived two months later filled with black and white 8 by 10 glossies along with other Beatle memorabilia! All this complete with a letter from Paul apologizing for sending the box so late. Much to the surprise of Joe another exciting box arrived with more things! Joe gave me one of the signed pictures of the Beatles and it is my most prized possession.

                      Amazing! So fabulous for you. I have this hunch, gut feeling, that Paul wants to touch everyone in anyway he can. Nothing wrong with that right, eh? The closest I ever came to meeting Paul was being about 600 feet away i a stdium with my wife -- and he played "And I Love Her" -- our wedding dance song, and people around us seemed to almost like to see us dance as much as hear the song live. That is truly touching someone, I think.

                      My second closest meeting, was one Aunt saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965. Another saw him at the airport in New Orleans in 1976. That's quite a removal, isn't it?

                      Well, now I got the time, and a bit of money, so I am going to go see him again in Greensboro, NC on Oct 30. I was so impressed seeing him last July -- I had to buy tickets for all my closest friends and family to see him live. (hmmmm, yup, pricey!) :-)

                      You see, I believe this man lives for us. Sure, a super uber billionaire and I wonder why he does it and keeps on doing it. It's obvious to me now. He doesn't do it for money anymore, if ever. He loves us as much as we love him, and he doesn't want to let us down. Would you agree? His humility is staggering, and his music just amazing.

                      We are all going to be dancing in aisles and smiling like crazy listening to all these songs performed live by the MAN.

                      God bless Paulie!! Music that has endured 50+ years and sounding as fresh as the day they were made. It will go on into the next millennium -- count on it! Everyone loves a Paul McCartney song or two -- and they don't even know it.

                      If you haven't bought it or listened to it -- NEW is amazingly good and fresh. I LOVE IT!

                        Wow, seems like my experience of Paul is not unusual, he genuinely is a down to earth man and I do appreciate straight forward people
                        I now realise I had lots to share with him when I met him, we are both left handed and vegetarian, now there's a start lol!!