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      I am glad to be part of Paul McCartney's fan message board. I used to work for a couple of bands, one being Five Man Electrical Band but, recently had to "retire" due to health reasons. I miss the excitement you feed off of frim the fans. Meeting them during meet & greet. After stage was set, bot too long after sold their merchandise, this is how I got to speak to the fams and even answer questions. How did I get to work for them you may ask, knew them for a long time beforehand because of my dad. You see, my dad started in mid '50s and recorded a few singles and was told at least one LP. I was born in 1969 and he passed away at 28 yrs old in 1971 on way home from a gig (never made it home. Now, with my wife, we raise Autism Awareness. Don't ask for any money and we absorb any and all expenses (difficult being on Disability but, we make it work. Check out more at http://www.facebook.com/speakraisingautismawareness. You can find out more about me at http://www.facebook.com/garylatendresse and aslo of my dad and the search for his recordings I have been undertaking since I was a teenager when I found out he was a musician at http://www.facebook.com/waynetenderlatendresse hope to get to know a lot of fellow fans soon. Oh yeah one night a week I am on Internet radio (Sundays at 5pm Eastern here in Canada) by selecting play on player on my website which is http://latendressefamily.com called Sir Gary's Rockin'2Whatever. I play vinyl as well as digital formats. Correspond at http://facebook.com/sirgaryrockin2whatever. Playlist ranges from many genres.

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