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      Hi Paul fan Chris here. My favorite Macca albums are Ram, BOTR, Chaos and Creation, Electric Arguments and Flaming Pie. Have to say Chaos and Creation is my favorite. Have never seen him live but would love to. I live in Washington; looking forward to the new album!
      Topic: what's your favorite Paul album?

        That's like asking which is your favorite child, but if I had to pick one I'd say Flaming Pie.

          Flaming Pie is indeed a good one. I like New and MAF and Tug of War and Macartney 2 as well.

            Personally, I like the Back to the Egg as a whole album and the sound and tones. Sonically, this one is my favorite. Lyrically though, I'm not a huge McCartney fan. So, his albums are great musically but they don't really speak for me, it's another point of view I can't relate to that often. Attitude-wise I would say Back to the Egg and Band on the Run both got that rockstar personae that is cool. What Paul is saying though, is another planet entirely I never was at.

              I prefer the Wings era so most of my favorite McCartney albums are Wings albums (with a few exceptions...Tug of War and Flaming Pie being two of them). With that said, I don't think I can pick just one album. Each appeals to me in different ways. So, I'll pick 4: Ram, Red Rose Speedway, Venus and Mars, and Back to the Egg.