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      Hello all!
      Just found out I will be going to the Columbus show, with floor seats! My package even includes souncheck - this is insanity and I cannot wait! I have seen Paul twice in the past. Both shows were about 13 years ago, and neither seats were close. I always said if he came back to a venue close enough to me, I would get the best seats I could.

      I have never seen a concert with floor seats before, never been to soundcheck before - I'm just wondering what I'm in for. Also looking to learn what's new for this tour. If anyone out there has info or experience to share, I'd love to hear it D

      Also, what's the current policy on photos/videos during the show??


        Welcome to the message board!

        Happy to know you have been able to see Paul in the past and will be attending his Columbus concert!

        Sound check has a specific set of guidelines in regard to photos/video which you will receive via email approximately one week prior to the concert date.

        Regarding photos/video during the concert:

        Nationwide Arena Camera/Video FAQ:


        Special Events:
        For most special events, cameras with detachable lenses are not permitted but small point and shoot cameras are typically allowed. Special events determine their exact camera policy - please call 614.246.3872 one week prior to the show to get the specific information for an upcoming show.

        Have a fantastic time at the concert!!!