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      Hi there. My name is Gino and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I've just joined the fan club! I've been a life-long Beatles nut and guitarist. I played my first Beatle tune (Day tripper) in the 6th grade in front on my whole school. I can't believe it's taken me this long to think about joining a fan club.

      I'm seeking some advice if anyone could spare a few minutes.

      Since it doesn't look like Sir Paul's coming to Toronto any time soon, I took the plunge. I purchased 2 VIP Hot Sound Packages at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Centre June 21 (the package is only sold in 2s) but my brother can't accompany me any longer and none of my friends here in Toronto are able to fly down and accompany me to the private sound check + concert. Can anyone advise me on how I might find a replacement "Seat Mate"? These tickets are will call pick up only - I'm the sole person that can pick them both up so it's a very challenging for me to fill the adjacent seat now unless I find another fan to accompany me somehow.

      I have the extra ticket (Floor 3, Row 5, Seat 2) at the Wells Fargo Center. Absolutely great tickets.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated


        Hi Gino,

        Welcome to Paul's message board!

        So sorry to learn that your brother is unable to attend the concert with you! :sad:

        I have responded to your private message addressing this issue.


          Just saw the announcement of the nex two albums, but no Super Deluxe of PoP😭