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      Hello and thanks for letting me join up. I grew up in England in the early 60s so always followed Paul mainly from the Beatles era. I think it was because he stood out as being so full of life and enthusiastic. I saw many of all the pop groups in that era too. Music was my inspiration. Anyway Paul is doing a show here tonight in Auckland, New Zealand and the weather is really excellent for it. Couldn’t have been any better. It’s a bit hot tho at 24c. Catch you all later. Jim. 

        Hi there,

        I am Kang Taek Lee from Korea. Of course, South Korea.  I work as a professor of Chemistry at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST).  I was trained as physical chemist and now my research field is biophysical chemistry.

        In Korea, the BFC (the Beatles Fan Club) launched in 1984. Yes, this is way after the break-up of the Beatles. Interestingly, from early 70s to early 90s, Korea government was filled with people from the military society, which got the power through an illegal way of violence. They did not allow any attempts to protest, so they suppressed the rights of artists and even banned many of your songs: Back in the USSR, Lucy in the Sky with Diamond, A day in the Life, to name only a few.

        This means we, the beatlemanias should share LPs, videos, and any other informations  they obtained "illegally" somehow. I was the president of the Korean BFC in 1993 in such a dark period!

        Anyway, it's really nice to be a part of Paul's homepage and share my love for him with other beatlemanias.

        If you are down, drop by the blog site of mine, which has an increasing number of music videos that I love. You are welcome to leave some messages. Thank you !!!!!!

        http://blog.naver.com/kangtlee (personal Blog)

        http://bpc.gist.ac.kr (my research group)








          My name is Sharon Hope Lanci Molloy.  Thank you for accepting my request to join this group.  I have been around for 62 years and have been involved with the "Beatle " world since I was 5.  Since that time it has been a "Magical Mystery Tour" for me as somehow I seemed to live my life according to the lyrics of mostly every song I ever heard from John,Paul, George and Ringo.  This has resulted in an incredible ability to deal with the joys and problems of everyday life simply by listening to the lyrics and making the appropriate applications.  I hope to have an amazing time here with others who are of the same ilk or at least , able to get it.  I believe I was able to tap into the Beatles at such a young age because my parents were cool people and loved music.  I am from Boston. My mother was a roller skater and worked for the movies.  My dad sang like Sinatra and played piano by ear.  He bought me a piano when I was twelve and, of course, I learned all the  Beatle songs.  He also allowed me the freedom of having ,if you will, my own studio in the house where I had a huge stereo, my piano and thousands of albums.  This was in 1967 when Sgt. Pepper came out and I wore that album out.  I also had a huge mirror so I did what any kid in that situation would do.......I danced and sang and pretended to be in THE BAND!   Even though I'm a lefty, I do a good John on air guitar. Pretty cool!  Still doing it today!  Then came my role model Linda.  Linda was a person who influenced the way I raised my kids when they were small.  We cooked and baked with her always in our kitchen.  She's still the cook of the house along with Mary McCartney and her "Food" cookbook, which I love.  I love the McCartney family.  

            I’m confused. We are the same age and both grew up in the U.S. so you were 7 or 8 when you first discovered the Beatles depending on when your birthday is. I was 9 in May 1964 so I’m still 62. I was of course 8 when I became a fan upon hearing I Want To Hold Your Hand in late December 1963.