Quincy Jones calls Beatles ‘the worst musicians,’ says Michael Jackson stole songs


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      Is this the correct place for this?

      I hope so. If not, I am sorry.

      Okay, I read this interview online in the English The Guardian newspaper.

      Quincy Jones was being interviewed. In this interview, which I will not provide the link, as it was just full of little schoolboy profanity, anyway, he was major dissing the Beatles. He said they were not good musicians and that Paul was a bad bass player and Ringo was a bad drummer.

      Now we all know that none of that is true. I personally went on his twitter page and told him he was a fool for antagonizing Beatles fans.

      Anyway he was also slamming other artists, like Michael Jackson. He also said that he had dated Ivanka Trump. AAAWWWKKKKK  (Oh sorry, that was my little cat having a fur ball).  I was thinking after I read the article that maybe QJ was drunk or on opiates or something because the article was really irresponsible.



        2 links were already posted in the Talk More Talk forum. I agree with you though, about the interview. I think maybe Quincy is a bit jealous that his ex-wife, Peggy Lipton, had sex with Paul a couple times (1964 and 1965) She wrote all about it in her book, Breathing Out. 

          Ah yes, Nancy, I remember that too. He strikes me as a very jealous guy.


            I haven’t read the article just caught the sensational headlines.

            On social media, Beatle-haters were having a field day on what QJ said LOL

            But really, everyone knows it’s not true.

            I think he met them when Paul was 21 (so 1963) If he had said his first impression was that they weren’t very technical musicians or very smooth in the recording studio, then that’s valid (at that time). But to say they were the worst musicians in the world is such an exaggerated stretch from the truth, it’s laughable.

              Yeah, after his daughters did a family intervention! 😂

              Here’s a similar article from msn.com: