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      Is this instagram account real and official? I received messages fom it and want to know id it’s real. https://www.instagram.com/paulmccartneyband_fans

        Not official


          Bob Gannon wrote:

          Not official


          You mean is not official? Somebody wrote me from that account and told me that who is writing is Paul Mc Cartney, and also sent me a mail from a gmail address, signing me as Paul, with his signature qnd address... do you think that i have to report  it?

            Its unofficial. This is Paul's official Instagram account:  


              Thanks foe your answer! Somebody wrote me from the other account, saying that is Paul Mac cartney and that it is an account for having a personally contact with fans. I thought it was something strange! I also received an e mail from a gmail account. Do you think that I have to report this somewhere?