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      I am writing a screenplay.  I am also moving back to New England to do it.  Very exciting.  I have a great dog with whom I am going to see Acadia National Park in Maine.  What a beautiful place that is!  Oh, I am also knitting him a new sweater to wear there.  I am back on social media after a 3 week hiatus.  I guess that's it for now.


        I’m doing a whole lotta nothing now. They decided they couldn’t afford me any more to inventory and order suture for the O.R. and even though I said I would step down to be a supply tech at a lower salary, it didn’t make any difference. The girl who they assigned to do it barely had any training by me (she is a scrub tech who works full time and was usually scrubbed in when I came in to train her and do the order)  I have worked there since August 1987 and have been ordering the suture since 1989. Well, their loss! Que sera, sera.