Grand Funk Railroad


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      I wonder if somone Know something about that Band!

      All records Maybe not by them I looking for, under this name.


      What are the Boys Doing today?

      Are the Famouse in Other Bands?


      Thanks for you Sharings!


        Just met/saw them on the Power Power cruise I was on!! ETA:  Maybe this is Iron Butterfly. Can’t remember! Both were on the cruise! 😂

          P.S. Their name is Grand Funk Railroad. Maybe a Mod could help you change the title of your thread. 

            Yeah, sorry, that pic is of Iron Butterfly. Info on Grand Funk:



              I will check the Info at Wiki.

              Sometimes its not real Genuine.  Have Tried to understand some Info at, Discog.

              Is the Music industrie in Harmonie in States?  - Have heard that some 300.000 Black Musicians dont get there Pension from the Industrie.  - Rumors or True story?  

              But its seems no one who owns the Record Industrie in USA!

              Lobby Rumors!  ??

              See You!

                It’s “industry” and “harmony” but I have no idea about black musicians and pensions. Didn’t know there was such a thing as a pension for any musician. Did you maybe mean royalties?

                  GRAND FUNK RAILROAD RULES!


                    Its like this that The Musicians in diffrent Countries have some solutions in Pension agreement, when the Playing for someone on a Record! - Its a another Deal When they selling there own Music!

                    I seeen that Roger Ridley  roger ridley stand by me Playing for Change as a Street Musician, its seem to be Wrong.

                    His Family was very Famouse Musicians, and they Worked for a lot of famouse Artist.

                    - How come That one of the best in World Blues Artist is a Street Musician!?

                    Sometimes in some Musician Papers or Magazin its says the Industrie is sold?

                    I Know that Sony BMG, or other Sony is a Big Mogul! Bad or Good?

                    When we Know More a Post it Dubbel!

                      "I'm Your Captain," in my opinion, is another "Stairway To Heaven" and "Freebird!"