Jimmie Hendrix Or Mungo Jerry! ?


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Posted by HaileyMcComet

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      I am in Old Music for the Most, I am one which listen to Old Music beacause if nobody Listen to it, It will Disappeare!!!

      Jimmie or Mungo, I Say Both, I sometimes Buy Second hand Vinyl and it Cost at most 7€.

      But the last Year you cant get any of them in some Countries, they are not for sale anymoore!

      And the Rumor is like that. - They are Brothers! - On one of Mungos records it says Jimmie plays Guitar.

      Is anybody who Knows?? - But i hope for solutions so we Know - What is What, and No Watt!

      In the Summertime!

        It’s JIMI! 😉

          I'll take Jimi Hendrix anyday! 


            In the Late &0: and 70:s, its says that Jimmie hade a Child with a Swedish women!  The News papers around the world was writing about that story. The Boy to Jimmie Hendrix or son of Jimmie Hendrix!

            But no one knows who it Was!  - Eagle Eye Cherry is son to Mungo Jerry!

            So Jimmie Hendrix Brothers Son was living in Sweden!  - Jerry - Cherry are togheter now this days and rumors says they Making Music!

            Thanks For the Music - Musicians of Traditions!

              I'm willing to bet Jimi Hendrix had more than a few children he might not have known about.