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Posted by Nancy R

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      First a Heard this Boston Group it was my Brothers New record we listen To! - He is living today with us in Heaven, Killed By Elektra and some Others! - He was I States and done some Records!

      In Europe he did some records under taken Name, In youth he Played Mandolin, and a lot listens today listen to his Mandolin records ( aged 12-15 ).

      BOSTON is very Good Group wich didnt was famouse in some Nordic Countrys. - But there T-shirt was famouse!

      Sombody did a  announce that the give a lot of Money for a Genuine T-shirt! - A lot of Boys Lost there Boston T-Shirts to Girl Gangs - Two and Two! - And Many Boys was Trapped when the thought to get a Number with to Girls, but the only thing they want, was a T-Shirt!

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSR6ZzjDZ94   Is sombody Know if a Konsert has stucked on Film???

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