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      How does the song make you feel?

      The same, what you said is weird.
      I don't quite know
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      So, before you go bashing your keyboards, this thread is about the song. I'm aware Strawberry Fields was an orphanage. So, with that said, here's what's up.

      So, if you've ever heard the song Strawberry Fields Forever you'll know that it's a turning point for The Beatles. This song is seems to show that their music had truely and fully changed. 

                      Now, the reason I'm focusing on it is that whenever I listen to it I get this different feeling. Almost euphoric. And, its not just me. I've seen some posts on Tumblr where people say the same thing (please note that all the posts talk about them having this feeling while sober). I also asked my friends about it, and after making them listen to it they say the same thing. 

                      When I usually listen to the song I usually start feeling more calm and emotional. Like I wanna cry. But, usually not in a sad way. Well I guess if I start thinking about the band members (usually Lennon), I do feel sad. But sometimes I could be happy while listening to the song and I just wanna cry anyways.

                       I'm not gonna say that I have a conspiracy about the song, I'm just saying, music has never really affected me like this. 

      I just really want to hear your guys' opinion on this and how the song makes you feel.

      I'm leaving a link/ video of the song for those of you who want to hear it or those of you who haven't heard it.

        You need more options. Like “Euphoric” or “Cosmically Conscious.” 😂

        P.S. The orphanage was called Strawberry Field (no “s” at the end) 😉

        Taken by me Aug. 26, 2011 (original gates have been replaced - they did save the old gates)


          How does the song Strawberry Fields Forever make you feel?

          Different, but I can't quite put my finger on it...
          Cosmically conscious.
          I feel the same, what you said is weird.
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          Hey , just wanted to update the poll and say thanks to the user that suggested I add more options to the poll. I literally couldn't sleep because I have so many opinions on the song that I was like, "Crap, what if someone else like me struggles with an opinion on the poll and just sits there for awhile thinking..." Also, anybody who wants to can still vote on the poll from the original post. Heck, you can even vote on both.

          Also, I'd like you guys to know that I'm not a very serious person. So don't picture me as this maniac with a conspiracy board about this song or The Beatles in general. I'm just one chill kid that freiks out when any famous person I haven't even met breathes.

          So, now that that's settled without further ado, I present to you the nknew poll.

          P.S, the options "euphoric", and "cosmically conscious were suggested by the same user I mentioned earlier (I'm scared to use their name because I didn't ask permission to do so.)