Liverpool, UK - Echo Arena- 12/12- CONFIRMED


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        How many time have you seen Paul perform in Liverpool

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        Amazing news to wake up to.Just wish Paul would do a few more dates in Liverpool so more fans can get to see him perform in his home town.Seen him 3 times now and all have been here.Love the emotion from the crowd when he talks about his home city.Big as he is.He never forgets his roots.Glad to have you back Paul.

          I was at the Echo Arena the last time he played there and one of the things that struck me was that there was a huge number of non Liverpudlian accents there (mine included).

            Hello! I'm new here. I never saw Paul in Liverpool, so this year I'd like to see him perform in his hometown. Is it difficult to have a ticket? And if I want to be in the first place in the middle should i take my chance on a normal seat ticket or should I buy a hot ticket package? I can't afford to buy a front row package unfortunately... (sorry if i made mistakes in this message English isn't my first language).

              I saw him in Liverpool in 2011 and 2015 - hoping to get tickets for this years show too.

                I've seen him perform in Liverpool three times: 2008 Anfield Stadium, 2010 Academy O2 (my fave show), and 2015 Echo Arena.

                  Just when I thought I couldn't top doing the VIP package two years ago, I now have opportunity to see Paul perform in Liverpool!! 

                  I'm incredibly excited and am already making arrangements, I'm just hoping I'm able to snag a ticket.  I'm with FanFan... I hope it's not going to be a nerve-wrecking hour-long refresh of the ticket sale site, only to find out that it's been sold out.

                  I'm already stressed lol