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      Celebrating his 75th birthday on July 26th:


        You wouldn't believe that Mick is 75 considering how much he runs around on stage like a horny rooster!  

          And Jagger had another (Viagra) baby with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter !  He keeps getting the young gals 'cause he's a Stone, and wealthy. And a good conversationalist, or something. Mick does come across as rather brilliant in some of his interviews. Anyway, "age is just a number," and doctors and social workers, all health professionals, maintain it's normal and healthy for senior citizens to be sexually active, if desired.  The actor Richard Gere remarked he still feels young as ever in his mind, and suspects that's true of so many so called elderly persons.  I'll never think of certain people, especially, as really "very old" and Macca's one of them. So youthful and vibrant.

            Start Me Up...lol