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      What is the best or Fav booteg you have mine is last flight



        I have so many favorite bootlegs on so many different bands, including Paul, that I wouldn't even know where to start.

          My favorite bootlegs are all of concerts I went to. Of course the best ones are of a great recording of a great performance. 

          One example I have is Viva Joint - Paul McCartney Live at the New Joint, a fantastic recording of the complete April 19, 2009 performance at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. From the moment Drive My Car exploded out of the new Joint sound system, Paul and the Band were on fire that night!  

          I also have several bootlegs of Pink Floyd concerts I went to in California during the 70's and 80's, that I found many years after the event while searching around the internet. Those are probably my favorites, because the shows were so memorable. 

            Hear this version of "Get Back!"


              Hello fellow Bootleg Lovers! WOW, I own so many Bootlegs, there is no way that I can list them all I'm just going to list them as I go. I'm going to begin my large collection with a 3 CD Set that may be a bootleg but it is sold on Amazon and Ebay. 

              This 3 CD Set is entitled FLEETWOOD MAC LIVE AT THE BOSTON TEA PARTY February 1970, Volumes 1, 2 and 3! This is the final moments of the Peter Green era but I promise you, THESE PERFORMANCES KICK A*S! These performances capture Peter Green at his absolute best! You have to hear them to believe it! Here is one of the tracks from this collection.



                I own many live FLEETWOOD MAC performances from the Peter Green era on CD but I'll post them here on this thread in he near future.

                My favorite Guitarist of all-time is the late great Jimi Hendrix!I own numerous Bootleg CD's and DVD's of this legendary artist that I soon realized, and I kid you not, that Hendrix's GREATEST live and studio recordings that have never been released, remain in the Bootleg underground. Why, because these performances were hidden in the safe of Jimi's late manager Mike Jefferey for decades until his estate discovered the safe and opened it. There were hundreds of Jimi's live performances, that have NEVER  been heard or seen the light of day in Bootleg  form, let alone as a legitimite release. 

                Janie Hendrix, Sister and now in charge of Jimi's estate, is trying to work out something legally with the Mike Jefferey's estate in obtaining  certain rights to Jimi's music and release them at a later date. 

                One of the first, of many Hendrix Bootleg CD's to surface under the Michael Jefferey estate is :

                JIMI HENDRIX: THE FORUM CONCERT - Recorded live at the Forum in Los Angeles, California on 26 April 1969. If you think that Jimi's BLISTERING performances at Monterey, Berkeley, Woodstock and the Isle of Wight were great, you haven't heard anything yet! In my opinion, Jimi's performance at the Forum on 26 April 1969 may be his greatest live performance EVER!The 15:40 track entitled "Tax Free," Hendrix takes his live performing to a new level. This live version of "Tax Free," is without a doubt,  THE BEST LIVE "TAX FREE" EVER! It blows away any of Jimi's many GREAT live "Tax Free" performances on Youtube. I'm really surprised that this live version is not on Youtube.