"Halloween Macca Song Puns"


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      Others came up with: Mull of Pumpkintyre, Ghoul Night Tonight, Scream Akore, Another Ghoul, Mr. Hellamy, My Grave Face, Trick or Treat Her Gently, The Back Seat of My Hearse, The Ghoul is Mine, I Hope That's Not the Dude from Deliverance, London Town After Midnight, Maybe I'm Afraid, Bat On the Run, I've Had Enough...Candy, Queenie Die, Dead Rose Speedway, Eleanor Rigor Mortis, Give My Regards to Elm Street, Hell On Wheels, Baby's Last Request, Die Die Die, No More Lonely Frights, Get on the Fright Thing, Uncle Jekyll/Admiral Hyde, Nightmare on Egypt Station, There's Always Somebody Who Scares, Fear Today, Beautiful Fright, Fret !, Ghoulfriend, Bloodletting Go, Silly Blood Songs, Here, There, and Every Warewolf

      Mine: C-Harvest Moon, She's a Witch, I've Just Seen A Ghost, Mother Nature's Goblin, The Warlock on the Hill, Your Mummy Should Know, Monster My Dear, Sexy Satan, We Can Twerk It Out

      --Punny !!

        These are so cute! 🎃