Mary keeps her mum’s legacy alive


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        Thanks for posting this, Nancy!  When Mary was a baby, she looked so much like Paul, now I can see she looks alot like her mother too, even though she has her father's coloring.  Perfect blend of both her lovely parents.

        The artichoke and pea fritters look delicious.   The recipe might be at her vegetarian cooking website http://www.pforpeckish.com or at http://www.meatfreemondays.com

          Mary McCartney is charming, informative, personable in this vid as no doubt she is all the time. A natural before the camera, as well as behind it. One can tell she enjoyed a healthy, nurturing upbringing with a good value system instilled in her and her siblings. Outdoors in nature a lot, growing up loving and appreciating nature.  I had not heard her speak much before.

          I've been mindful of eating a lot more veggies and cutting way down on meat. And intermittent fasting helps me feel better, to go a long time without eating to give the body a rest, reduce high blood sugars, lose weight, save money, etc. It seems to work for me, personally.