My Late Son, Joey, and Sir Paul McCartney


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      On Thursday, June 19, 2014, my beautiful son, Joey, passed away unexpectedly at age 13 in Simi Valley, Calif., from secondary complications from Nissen surgery he had nine days prior.

      My little force of nature had a beautiful smile, warm heart, irresistible laugh and sweet personality. Joey was an amazing son, made me a better man, and was simply, my heart. He had just graduated from sixth grade on Friday, June 6, 2014.

      As my father did with me decades earlier, I passed along my deep love of The Beatles, Wings and Paul McCartney's solo material with my son, Joey, when he was a baby.

      Soon after he was born on March 11, 2001, I included Sir Paul's touching song "Put It There" on a compilation CD for my dear son. Thirteen years, three months, and eight days later, I played the same song at his memorial.

      As Joey and I shared a love of live music, I decided to fly from California to New York to see Sir Paul McCartney at Madison Square Garden this weekend for both shows in honor of my son. We were supposed to see Mr. McCartney together at Dodger Stadium in August 2014, but, tragically, Joey passed away two months prior to the show.

      Thank you for the decades of beautiful music, and for providing beautiful memories with my late father and son.


      Dan Thomas
      Simi Valley, Calif.


        No words to express my deepest sympathy for your tremendous loss. What a touching tribute to your son, and to Paul.

        I too am indebted to my parents for passing on to me their passion for music, Paul and the boys foremost. The next generation in my family is very young, but already that timeless joy is evident through them. I hope they get to experience Paul in person the way I have, but if not I look forward to sharing my tales with them. It's impossible to overstate the impact Paul has had and continues to have, including such strong bonds across generations.

        Hope to catch you at the MSG shows, but either way I'll be thinking of you and your son!

          Dan, I just read your beautiful post.
          It's the reason I'm taking my wife & two boys to the December 5 Melbourne show.Its more than just music, its a connecting & powerful
          experience.Wishing you all the best.Im sure your son will be with you in spirit ![code:1][/code:1]

            What a lovely and heartbreaking post. I don't know if I actually believe in heaven, but I hope your son is in a much better place after a life that ended way too soon.

            And a much better place would have to be special
            No need to be sad

              Just read your very touching post about your Joey.  How heartbreaking for you.

              Sending my deepest sympathies your way.  Put it There is indeed a beautiful song, from a father to his son.  There are no words for such a deep loss, and in those very sad times, we can be thankful for the soothing of the heart, and the connection and the memories that music provides to us.  So sorry...