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      i was invited to be on a net radio show saturday night, and posted the link at my 'twitter' i tweeted it or whatever you call it.


      here's the link to the radio show (I don't think there will be a mad rush to hear this, btw):


      it was fun being on the show. i come in about 18 minutes or so after it begins. joyce (the host) and jasmine are also on there. she interviewed me a right long time.

      i sound like kelly pickler
      i didnt know if anybody from here would want to hear this. but decided to post this, just in case. anyone in the u.s. can call in at the designated times she hosts the show. the next one is next saturday night at 7 p.m. west coast time (pacific) and 10 p.m. eastern standard time. you can talk about just about anything you want

        i might possibly call in again tonight at 10 p.m. (east coast u.s.a. time) to joyce's radio show, it's in los angeles: the number is

        it's saturday night 9:25 p.m. (eastern standard time u.s.a) Jan. 30, right now--it would

        be funny & nice if somebody else from here, a macca admirer, phones in too

          i had a cold lord only knows what i sounded like on the thing. stuffy nose, on the verge of coughing & sneezing, etc., but it was fun on the january 31show found in the recent archives there

            here's the link to the second show i talked on, on jan. 31. i don't come in until about 16 or a little more minutes into the show, i think that's when i call in


              Yes, these links still work Maybe I should be a radio announcer? Probably not

                I can't open those sites. Maybe with a different VPN.