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      "Punk Folk" song kind of intense and slow delivered emotionally and mournfully. Very sad. Inspired by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music and Marianne Faithfull 1980s downer music. I can hear Ferry (or the lead singer in The Cure) wail softly in the background as Beatnik bongos keep a slow hypnotic beat. It's also my "Crazy Heart" movie inspired "OMG I'm f-----d up, hit rock bottom" orison. Its title regrettably is a cliche.

      Beyond the Pale

      drifing beyond
      the pale,
      fallen down so low,
      the raven
      not a nightingale
      going where the wild things go,
      what the wild things know
      once an innocent child,
      lively and fun,
      yet timid and mild
      I'm trying to be
      nice and kind,
      to get her back,
      but I can't feel
      the warmth of the sun
      and I've drifted
      beyond the pale,
      I've fallen down so low
      the raven,
      not a nightingale
      going where the wild things go
      my heart a raw savage wound
      of an open book,
      don't want them to take a look
      and laugh at what all
      they took
      can't be sure again,
      can't be pure again
      ]cause I'm drifting
      bey0nd the pale,
      the raven
      (nevermore, nevermore)
      not a nightingale

        The Ballad of Paul McArtful

        "Scruff from Speke"

        From a scruff from Speke
        to a toff,
        much was gained
        but what was lost,
        deep down though
        he did not change
        and his special fondness
        for his longtime Liddypool mates
        remains the same.
        In a sense, unspoiled by
        great fame
        In Heaven, who will be his wife,
        but they won't have that there
        which is rather nice for
        those who don't have a prayer.
        but then, he could not love every girl
        who loved him, no matter
        how much they might long,
        so how could they ever feel wronged?
        we'll make do with a personal song
        and knowing he's in the world
        many love him, and always will,
        thankful for surprises and thrills
        they get from his musical skills
        and O, how that male songbird
        can trill!

        (as if he could write a personal song especially for each and every fan, dedicated to them personally by name-- snickers)

          You Must Go to War, My son
          Folk, for guitar

          You must go to war, my son,
          there are battles which must
          be won,
          you must go far away
          you must go far, far away.

          They say it's freedom for
          which you fight,
          does that make killing right?
          "There have always been wars,
          and rumors of wars"
          but what are they ever
          really for?

          And if it happens you
          should be killed
          on some blood-soaked
          battle field,
          then all the world will hear my cry
          then, all the world
          will hear my cry

          I see no reason for having to kill
          or die,
          are we born just to die?
          I raise my fist in righteous
          at the unrelenting sky

            Pink Honey Sun
            Razz Matazzy)

            Pink honey sun
            high up in the sky
            blue mint moon
            at night,
            diamonds-- dazzling stars
            in their velvet midnight blue setting
            left breathless by
            the magnificent sight
            you find yourself forgetting
            all your cares and plights

            days, I'm overwhelmed
            by the glory of things
            revealed by light,
            treasures which can't be bought,
            and by reading great books
            although poor I find
            I am rich
            in thought

            and so overcome
            by the

            pink honey sun
            high up in the sky
            sliver of blue mint moon by night,
            dazzling diamond stars in their
            velvet midnight blue setting,
            and days
            drunken with pink honey sun
            with the glory of things
            revealed by the light

              interesting stuff

              do you have actual melodies in mind for all of these?

              thanks for continuing to share your work with us

                Thanks Rahil I have original tunes to most of them, but not all. Please feel free to put your own melodies to song poem lyrics that lack them and we'll get co-credit as songwriters But then I don't know if you can relate to the lyrics enough to feel inspired to do that (?). I should be so lucky! Also you can make videos to them, you do that so well too
                Paul Mc. can provide tunes too and I'll give him first listing in the credits! McCartney/Susy
                You can get first too since you'll be adding immeasurably

                  hehe, i'll see what i am inspired by and let you know/hear

                  you're welcome

                  haha yes would be awesome if The Man himself stops by our individual threads and blesses them as such ;)


                    "Jazzy, Razzmatazzy" (LOL) I left out "snazzy"

                      burp I mean bump