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      Ol Blue Eyes

      You're a long way from Hoboken
      but close to our hearts
      Energy, style, pizazz
      you sang with such feeling and spark
      hometown boy makes good
      from England, Italy, France to Hollywood
      the legend grew
      but hey! it's not over,
      I've lots more listening to do!
      I've got my dad's records and tapes
      he loved you so
      Dad's "up there" too, now,
      waiting for the show
      Sammy and Dean, they
      were "oh, so keen"
      Trio's together now
      front and center
      I'm sure in heaven
      it's a night to remember
      I bet it was quite a blast!
      Don't worry, Frankie
      your light won't fade into the past
      Oh, and would you tell my dad
      after the show,
      tell him I love him and miss him so
      his eyes were blue, just like you
      when I hear your name,
      I think of him, too!
      be sure and speak to him after the show
      I'll miss you both forever,
      and wish you didn't have to go
      Ratpack's somewhere beyond Mars,
      and Frankie's singing
      somewhere in the stars

        Patsy Cline

        Patsy Cline, Patsy Cline
        Girl you sing so fine
        your ebony eyes blazed fire
        when called a country hick
        you danced and loved with Charlie Dick
        Patsy please don't get on the plane,
        don't get on the plane

        Black-haired Virginia gal
        Loretta Lynn was your pal,
        y'all sang on stage together and
        swooned and swayed your hips
        went walkin' after midnight
        a ciggie danglin' cool and casual
        from your ruby red lips
        Patsy you were accident prone,
        nearly killed in a car crash

        and should not have got
        on that small plane--
        you'd been such a shining star--
        your plane smashed
        into a
        cloud-hidden mountainside

        your Charlie was filled with pain,
        you'd said his name just before you died
        he wondered where you are
        had to dance by himself again

        pretending you were in his arms
        forgot all the fierce fighting
        and remembered only your charms,
        and the way your star would shine
        all the joy you would bring,
        whenever you'd sing

        Please don't get on the plane

          You Need Them Paws For Pickin'

          Come see your Dixie Chicken
          git down in the car seat
          be your off night back street
          slippin' around
          get down
          not much to see in that
          there old country town,
          let's sneak off into the woods
          don't look at that besmirchin' scum in the pond,
          only see creatures of beauty and lust
          boy I done left you behind
          in the dust,
          the gold hard glint of your ring
          didn't mean a thing
          though once I guess it could
          and in the end I suppose
          it must,
          stay outa the black water river,
          thinkin' of you in there
          in those inky snakey depths
          makes me shiver,
          nature looks ancient and creepy there,
          in that particular spot,
          so hurry down home an' save
          them precious fingers
          for special tunes that linger
          that's what I wish--
          don't waste 'em tryin' to
          catch a fish
          your Dixie chickens still huddle
          in the coop awaitin' your pleasure,
          just lovin' the sound of your croonin'
          you were always such a treasure
          go too near the million year
          old black river,
          somethin' ominous an' chillin'
          can make you quivor'
          although I'm willin'
          maybe the times just
          ain't right for us country
          folk no more--
          will set our sights
          on a brighter shore
          --Pinkie (Susy)

          I had heard about hicks fishin' using only their hands, trying to grasp a poor squirming fishie with just their claws and paws, struck me as odd

            Goin' to Floridaland
            (fast manic bluegrass song)

            they goin' down through the Philipines
            of the sweet wet soft green Southland,
            through South Carolina
            bypass Hilton Head--
            Savannah in Georgia,
            bypass Thunderbolt
            and Tybee Island--
            down Jacksonville way
            and through St. Augustine,
            man it's like a wonderful dream
            still soft and wet, and green--
            orange sand beaches in Daytona,
            are they gonna love the places
            I knew so well,
            back when I was explorin'
            it was hot as 40 hells

            venture down deep through the middle
            and it makes you wanna play your
            bluegrass fiddle--
            down to Orlando Magic Kingdom Land,
            little girls hold each other's hand
            you finally made it to the Promised
            Mickey Mouse Land!
            Emma's in Pink Princess and Barbie Doll
            she's almost seven
            Jade has finally got it made,
            been longin' to set eyes on those
            fancy fake palaces risin' up
            for most of her twelve years,
            I can see it now
            Jade smilin' through happy tears
            God please hold the childen safe
            in your hand
            help them make it, take it
            and shake it don't fake it
            to the magic promised land

              (for piano and cello)

              Sent out my S.O.S.
              but you didn't hear,
              guess it's better to know
              you don't care
              must it be so clear

              yes, it's over now,
              and I'm leavin' soon
              gonna pack up my bags
              gonna leave as soon

              as soon as I write this tune

              yes I'm leavin' Love
              you were deceiving, Love
              no I'm never gonna
              see your face again

              yes I'm leavin' today
              and I'm leavin' to stay
              but I'll take it with me
              I'll take you with me
              on the train

              Sent out my S.O.S.
              but you didn't hear,
              guess it's better to know
              you don't care
              must it be so clear?

              yes it's over now,
              and I"m leavin' soon
              gonna pack up my bags
              gonna leave as soon
              as soon as I write this tune


                thank you Susy for continuing to share your lyrics

                interesting as always

                  For Your Music
                  (for Paul)

                  Can I find the words to say
                  how your music makes me feel,
                  of all the false, the phony dreams
                  it alone seems real
                  you were up there on the stage
                  an angel from the skies
                  sending poems
                  from your eyes
                  Beloved stranger from an English city,
                  I wish you would think I'm pretty
                  you're so full of grace,
                  and it's shining in your face
                  and your singing says to me
                  what in the world are we doing here
                  each so prone to pain and shame,
                  we need your songs to give
                  our dream a name

                  you don't even know it
                  but song man you sure show it,
                  you've been blessed by divine grace,
                  and it's shining from your face
                  and even music men get caught
                  in the web of "I"
                  caught in that illusion
                  caught until they fly
                  until they fly

                  but you lose yourself in your music
                  as if you're not even trying,
                  and you beam down upon us
                  some are crying, dancing, singing
                  many smiling
                  all are flying
                  Angel from an English seaport city,
                  please show me some pity
                  let me see you again
                  and hear you again
                  and feel you again,
                  always know I'm
                  a true friend


                    (laughs) that's funny. Wouldn't show Patsy Cline's husband's last name--thought it was cussing?--it rhymes with candle "wick" and starts with a "D"--that's his real name