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      Her long hair flows like satin streams
      Her body shows a velvet sheen
      Her eyes they glow with lustful gleams
      That drive me to extremes
      Now I've told that looks can kill
      Still I've decided that I will
      Share a moment of this thrill
      And take in my entire fill

      She's a woman like I've never known
      She'll turn you into stone
      Her name is Medusa
      Her name is Medusa

      It took some time to realize
      that this girl had me hypnotized
      I just wasn't mesmerized
      I was paralyzed
      I want her bad but I must confess
      I've got to have what I can't possess
      I should run away but I'm so obsessed
      With having her and yet


      Harmonica break


      Now I've made my share of big mistakes
      But this one really takes the cake
      Man, there's so much at stake
      Give a guy a break



      Leave the girl alone
      She'll turn you into stone
      Don't look in her eyes
      You'll be paralyzed
      Her name is Medusa
      Her name is Medusa
      Her name is Medusa

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        I really like your song Glade.