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      Hi all I am fairly new - I noticed this portion of the board the other week but - couldn't find it. I looked but to pretty much no avail

      I live in Australia - (qld actually ) and yes we had the floods. New Zealand unfortunately copped a massive series of earthquakes. The thing is - there is always something happening somewhere - look at Libya.

      Anyway I enjoy writing poems and a few years ago I was thinking of how well done yesterday was and a thought occurred to me. - but before I tell you - no - it can't be a song - because - you cannot change the words of a Betles song. But I decided to try and write a great poem.. Upon that premise I decided many people meet for the first time - upon a Saturday - get to know ech other - on a Saturday and amazingly - exchange their vows - on - you guessed it a Saturday. I have shown a few people - and the 1st said so you think your bette than Paul Mccartney? No I said but i think its pretty good - . The person gave it a nice compliment. I will spare you any ego trip thanks.

      I actually have another verse particularly for Sir Paul but - I contacted EMI and they explained that - it could not be forwarded. I did think that given the misfortune and injustices of this world - perhaps I could put it on here- and if by chance anyone should deem it appropriate to use it for a special occasion perhaps someone may pass the hat around for maybe Christchurch or a charity to help the less fortunate - in say Libya or Africa .

      **Somewhere where assistance is needed urgently. I must stress though - in accordance with copyright laws it cannot be sung but I suspect perhaps a few people will enjoy it. Anyway to cut it short I called it ........... Saturday. ( hope you like it)


      Oh I never knew they made such days
      As I saw you my heart fell away
      You looked a picture

      You stood standing there
      Flaming hair
      You just came along
      I was gone
      That Saturday

      You just
      Walked into the room
      I was doomed
      That Saturday

      Three years on
      I can?t believe
      We stand here as one
      You changed my world
      That Saturday

      Resplendent angel
      Peaking through a veil
      A passing glance
      And then love set sail
      You look a picture
      This Saturday

      You stopped the world
      That Saturday
      Jealous angels can but admire you
      I am but speechless
      You are the world
      This Saturday

      You look amazing
      This Saturday
      God kissed my feet
      That Saturday

      You changed my world
      That Saturday
      May everyday
      Be Saturday

      (C) Peter.LRowe 18-Feb-11

      Thanks for that and - hope its not too bad. Peter