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      Once the day is done
      It seems like only the sun should go down
      Yet as I lay my head on my bed
      The reflections of years past creap into my dream state

      I awaken to the old routine
      Getting up Only to find I have moved on in a way
      Others are remaining with the old picture of me
      Stuck in the past, not seeing the present at all

      I grew and learned as my soul evolved
      Life took me down painted paths,
      Searching for a sense of self,
      Only to find I had a stronger one than where I started

      The cycle of what was before, brings lessons taught
      Sometimes from this time,
      Drifting with minglings of yore
      Mixed with altered views of before

      Yet the light of truth shined through the lies
      Seperating the unsavory ties.
      Replacing the shadows with light
      No longer strugling with the night

      As I drift back into slumber as the days pass
      I feel a reawakening of self that I once knew
      Other lessons of other times creap in
      Giving the richness of the before times renewed in spirit

      The games of the mind played before have given way
      The light of truth and wisdom stand in array
      Leaving behind the legacies of doubt
      Making way for the paths to renewel

      As we start in life,
      Paths set their course,
      We follow learning games and truths
      Hopefully finding our own inner strength

      The nights become filled with calls to angelic presence
      The truth of the spirit takes light
      Ones own inner light shines through
      Guiding us further into the Journey of our lives.

      By Doris ridge mendlovitz


        Thanks Doris.

          Your welcome
          love doris