Present for Paul's 75th birthday from his fans


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      Hello, Paul fans!
      Paul has done so much for us over the years, I think it's time to give something back!
      I started making a scrapbook with letters from his fans.
      If any of you would like to write a letter for him too, tell him what he means to you, how great his music is, or whatever, please contact me.
      If you want you can also add pictures of yourself, photos from concerts, drawing, whatever you'd like to show him!
      Please also tell other Paul fans about this, so I can finish it by his birthday!
      I assure you he will really get the book!

      Peace & Love

      P.S. You can aslo contact me on Instagram or kik ( both beatlemaniac4eva)

        Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we?

          Haha why?

            How do you know he would really receive the book, how are you planning to get it to him? thanks for info.

              Well, I hope he's going on tour again next year. I wanna write a sign and give it to him on stage.
              If he doesn't go on tour, I'm probably gonna send it to MPL.
              But I'm sure he will go on tour again, he loves touring too much to not do it. ;)