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      From Place to Place

      The path of love should unfold
      No matter wher I stand
      From above shadowing down
      Sending the darkness into the ground

      Treasure buried and hidden inside
      Only to be awakened by a passing fancy
      Waking from along life s nightmare
      Learning true love and light all over again

      The need to be stable and secure unfolds
      the Site of a good place
      To find the face of hope in my own reflection
      To see a smile of sweetness shining outward

      Watching a child smile at a person
      A dog wag its tail for a bone
      A cat purr as its ears are scratched
      A b ird sing in grattitude for a morsel

      Light turns the darkness into awarness
      Leassons of life bring experience
      Knowledges brings revealation
      Emerging inside a lost sense of self.

      Always pushing forward
      Putting the bag of tirany away
      Keeping the concept of freedom alive
      Not allowing the one I am to be lost in a shadow

      The place to place our lives lead
      Remain with our beings
      Changing the shadowy darknees
      To the light fo the inner spirit guiding us always

      By Doris Ridge Mendlovitz

        Oh Doris... this is soooooooo beautiful!!! Hugs to you

          Thanks a bunch
          love doris

            thank you Doris. Just beautiful.

              your are most welcome
              love doris