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      I don't know if anyone else would like to do this but I would so.....here's a place to post your impressions, opinions, or experiences of big happenings in your world.

      Last night Japan had a huge earthquake and tsunami. If you live there I hope you are alright. Last summer fans from Japan traveled to Cardiff to see Paul, I hope they are safe. Heres hoping they are back on line soon and here is a place for them to report that they are OK..

      I live on SF Bay so I walked down to watch for tsunami waves. Nothing to speak of here not even a disturbance of the little boats in the harbor but you can see a stronger than normal current out in the deep channel. Is it different where you are???? Even if its not earth shaking I would like to hear whats happening to other fans and where in general they are.

        Watching the tele lst night was - beyond belief. Had a mate over and we watched what we could as large tele was for some reason on regular programs - save SBS - which meant a small portable blac and white.
        Watched what we could and investigated what i could - I would be busy today - and agin tomorrow - so - personally I actually found that slight bummer - as I always try to take those sorts of things in.

        I have a mate who used to fly aeroplanes in Phillipines and I gave him a dall - he explained that Australia though placed on alert is protected largely by PNG. In 1960 when the earthquake hit Chile the tsunami crossed the ocean and washed up here - about 6 inches higher than others and crosed the street. ( as is the case with a king tide.)

        I did not see the wave today - I havn't had a chance to even go to the beach ( I used to live on it - till Council ILLEGALLY stuck a shed in my way. ) . I did ask my mate last night about Phillipines and he explained - that it would hit there somewhere - but to be honest while the major cities may be well armed the isolated provinces may find out - way too late.

        He also said Vietnam and PNG would get the force and I see on the news tonight - a small wave was observed in NZ. With no harm done. Personally I hoped there would be some coverage tonight as there have been some interesting stories. Hopefully - not all are true. To the people of Japan - hope thing s pick up sooner rather than later. - And no _I didn't want to watchg it to be morbid but I wonder - exactly what causes these massive shifts that creat gigantic devastating results. Would be nice if there were SOME consitent factors. Peter - Brisbane

          Hello Captain! Thank You for responding, some interesting observations. I especially have been thinking about those"massive shifts" and "gigantic devastations" too. It takes a while to wrap your head around them. Guess its denial, I don't want to admit it could happen here too.
          Someone I was talking to used the term "shedding" to describe it. As if the earth must shed a great number of people every once in a while. I think the earth is like a sleeping human that has to roll over and stretch. People just get in the way without knowing it because room for us is running low.

          What is this Council that blocks your way to the beach? That is not cool, hope you can fix that.