Paul skype emojis sound in a pop song


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      Hello everyone, nice to meet you,

      We are two musicians from Wasterlie Islands, near Rio de Janeiro. (sorry for my accent )

      We were inspired by his compositions for Skype Emojis and we decided to make something with those cool sounds.

      Step by step, we finally composed a seven minutes epic pop psychedelic song with the music of these 10 emojis !

      I hope you will like it !


      see you soon !

        Sounds like it just came off Sgt. Pepper! Love it!

          I agree! Very Nice!

            Thank you Nancy R and SurSteven !!!


            here is our Twitter : @lucyintheskype2
            FB : https://www.facebook.com/NEON-JUJU-1652272128356440/?fref=ts