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      This is my new project to make "real", through the internet, a ficticius group created by Paul in the "I will" sessions in 1968.

      In a way Facebook can be like the original idea of Apple to let everyone publish his creations without the toll of the Record Industry. It stops being a business, and gives a chance of free independent creations.

      My idea is to make home-made-music, inspired in the first McCartney album, McCartney II, and many other productions made by paul just alone in his home studio.

      I think many people all around the world had composed nice stuff and this is a chance to share them in a comunity. Its not for fame and money, just for fun!!

      you can find it here

        This is Joe Prairies and the Prairie Wallflower`s second singe "Walking on Fire"


          hehe, cool

          'walking on fire' sounds like it could be from 1986/1987 Macca outtakes ;)

          the vocal is mixed too low in volume though

          good work ♪

            Thanks!! the vocal is a little low cause its a difficult to make this without an engeneer. Thanks for the post!

            best regards!!

            Luis Saenz

              you're welcome

              but still i am sure you can raise the volume with your same recording device/soundboard/software mixing console

              looking forward to hearing more ♪

                YEP but its already published in Facebook. What do you think of the other songs?

                  well you can always do a remix

                  'i can close my eyes', 'psychedelic mind' and 'uruguay' sound quite Lennonesque

                  'glasses' and 'dance all night', more 1986-1988 Macca sound

                  'MITISFITICITIQUIS', McCartney II style

                  overall, good work, just mix the vocals a little louder

                  be sure to check out my thread too ;)
                  thanks ♪


                    The problem with th computer thing is that it doesn`t sound the same in each PC. I`ll try to improve the mix!! Thanks!

                        Rahil Ive changed "Walking on Fire", hope the sound in fine now!

                          much better Luis

                            thank you Rahil!!!

                                there`s a new song "Pearl" wich Ive recorded in the early 90`s but I`ve changed the lirics this year.

                                  I`ve posted my new song "Give The Road a Thrill", if you want to hear it, go to Facebook and search Joe Prairies and the prairie wallflowers, you can listen to it there!! hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    A new song is coming up

                                      Hey there!! I`ve just posted my new song "Whisper in my Ears" and want to dedicate it to Isabel! you can hear it here


                                        I want everyone to know that my new song "The Song that I Wrote for You" has been published in my facebook page "Joe Prairies & the Prairie Wallflowers", you can listen to it here


                                          luis:Hey there!! I`ve just posted my new song "Whisper in my Ears" you can hear it here: