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      Billy (a song)

      slow mournful beautiful melody contrasts with the suddenly scathing bitter lyrics


      I don't really know why
      I loved Billy,
      Seemed he often liked
      to put me down
      but no-one else ever
      knew how to thrill me
      nobody else,
      when Billy was around

      You were my German, Billy,
      I was your Jew
      You'll drop dead of a heart attack
      before you're 42
      Jesus died upon the Cross,
      at least he didn't know you
      He never met you

      I loved you, Billy

      (I can't remember the rest of the lyrics, penned this a right long time ago but I'll look in my notebooks and stuff to procure the missing words

      --Just occurred to me, this might be a companion piece to "Jesse" in ways...I also have a song I wrote called "David" (for David, duh)--actually penned two about David

        Put them all together like that Alanis Morissette song.

          this song isn't about anyone but the real Billy whom I met at the second college I attended