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      Taken from www.paulmccartney.com / features section (Glastonbury) - 18.10.04

      Winning Question
      Nick Crewdson (UK) Q: If at all, do you think your image has changed in the eyes of the younger generations before and after Glastonbury? And where do you go from there?
      A: "Maybe many of them hadn't seen me play live before. I got a lot of good feedback from younger people after the gig. We had a ball."

      Other Questions
      Thomas Cardwell (Northern Ireland) Q: Glastonbury must have been special to you but what show or concert if you could go back in time would you like to do and experience all over again as if it was the first time? Please will you come and play for us in Northern Ireland thanks.
      A: "Shea Stadium, New York, with a good sound system."

      Martin Berka (Finland) Q: Do you ever worry about taking a number of priceless and iconic instruments, like your Hofner and the Epiphone Texan, with you onstage?
      A: "No, they are just instruments to me. Lovely as they are, they're there to be played."

      Joe Norman (UK) Q: Having experienced Glastonbury as a performer, as a punter, who would make it on to your fantasy line-up for Saturday on the Pyramid Stage? Neil Young, Radiohead, Prince or maybe Oasis?
      A: "Living… Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Deceased… John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix."

      Clorinda (US) Q: Paul, there were a lot of young bands who played at Glastonbury. Many of them have been strongly influenced by your music. How did that make you feel?
      A: "Cool!"

      Christine (US) Q: Is there anything you would have done different?
      A: "It seemed to have worked fine for me."

      Paul Arvizu (US) Q: Sir Paul, has your recent trip to Glastonbury inspired any new songs?
      A: "Maybe a bit because I'm working on a new album now."

      Laurence Guymer (UK) Q: How did the Glastonbury experience of 2004 compare with the Shea Stadium experience of 1965?
      A: "The difference was you could hear us!"

      Peter McPhillips (UK) Q: Does this year's Glastonbury rate as one of you top gigs ever?
      A: "It does."

      Gareth Morgan (UK) Q: What eight bands (both here and gone) would make up your ultimate festival line-up?
      A: "The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, Queen, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Radiohead and Sex Pistols (to name but a few)."

      Jordan (UK) Q: Was it difficult to try to choose only a limited number of songs from such a massive collection to perform at Glastonbury?
      A: "Yes."

      Bill and Cher (US) Q:Hi Paul! Do you get a kick out of new youngsters digging your classic tunes & discovering your newer music as at Glastonbury does a good tune last forever?
      A: "Yes it's a great tribute and a buzz."

      Tori (US) Q: Thanks for taking questions from the board. I like the new song 'Follow Me'. What was your inspiration?
      A: "Love love love."

      Jordan (UK) Q: Was it possible to rock in wellies?
      A: "Definitely dryer."

      Trenz (Germany) Q: Were you more nervous before entering the stage in Glasto than usual? As you knew the audience were not just Macca maniacs? Do you think it's been much more difficult to satisfy those crowds?
      A: "No, there was not enough time to be nervous as we got there late."

      Michael (US) Q: How long did it take you to prepare for this concert?
      A: "All my life."

      Ingrid Perez (US) Q:Is playing festivals as good as playing your own shows at venues?
      A: "It's different, a different kind of excitement."

      Stephen (Ireland) Q: If you where playing Glastonbury again and you had to form a supergroup to play alongside you and you had to choose from today's artists, who would you include?
      A: "I'd choose a bench full of buskers from the street."

      Stephen Jerkins (US) Q: Was the ambience of the Glastonbury festival and its crowd in any way reminiscent of your Wings era?
      A: "Not really, we didn't really do many festivals with Wings."