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      What's being said here!!!??!!

        here is a collection of epiphone texan guitars,do you want them?do you love them like i do?then buy them

          How about:

          Someone hacked into my e-bay account, now look!!

            Or how about here?

              illwoble stop it

                Snorckle:What's being said here!!!??!!

                is my catch prase!

                HEY there Snorkle!! how you been what's up? gee just a shirt time to see Paul YEAH!
                what can He do with that many guitars??
                can he donate them to a school who is discontinuing their Arts and Music Programs?? ??
                I am upset, that our State is cutting funding to the Arts, inclyding Music and Drama and Art's painting Programs??? what can we do??

                I AM SURE ARTIST CAN IMPLAMENT SOME KIND OF FUNDING FOR OUR STUDENTS!!!! so where are these artist to help out the kids in our schools??? what do you say???

                  Snorckle:What's being said here!!!??!!

                  I can't play all these at once...want one?

                    Snorckle:What's being said here!!!??!!

                    Now, which one was it that I played on Ed Sullivan?

                      Number 30 is my favorite. See that one over there.

                        These are great!!
                        If anyone finds a funny picture, feel free to post it (NB: it dosn't have to be Paul related)

                          Maccalindandme: Rebel by going to the white house at night at painting it pink! or something crazy like that!

                            illwobble:Or how about here?

                            lol looks like hes taking a picture...LOL wonder what it is???

                              He's just spotted what he wants for Christmas through a shop window!!!!

                                Snorckle:What's being said here!!!??!!

                                "I need more hockey stickers!"


                                    illwobble:Or how about here?

                                    I can't believe me eyes!! Hey come here, get a look at this!! lol

                                      Snorckle:What's being said here!!!??!!

                                      who bought all these right handed guitars, i'm a lefty.

                                        illwobble:Or how about here?

                                        woo macs, thats a monster you've got there

                                          Time for some new pictures!!