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      I know the one on the phone
      Painted the false picture of a big hunk of cash
      Sounded so attractive in a dash
      Anyway it was a nice attractive dream for a night
      Oh I know it wasn't real just to the caller know

      For the one who pushes me to attend school again
      During the course of the day, and what I seek
      I cannot make my mind up every 20 minutes or so
      Thanks for your concern anyway.
      Yet One Major University is a 5 min. Buss ride I can see next year

      For those who think that money gives you everything.
      It buys you things.
      It fixes a house, a car, you looks at times
      It is earned but it doesn't do everything
      It cannot replace missing rainbows in the sky.

      For the ones who see the poor as the scapegoat
      Sorry we do not make enough to cause the problems now occurring
      We simply do as we can to survive from one month to the next
      Looking and appreciating what we have as we get it.
      Just to let those who look down maybe you should look around instead.

      To the protesters of racial differences
      What difference does it make and why does it matter the difference
      We all share the same planet
      We were all put on this world supposidly by the same source
      Perhaps we can get along so we can keep the world we have.

      The Angels above smile
      Dancing around us
      Showing us ways all around
      Yet the hate we show one another over shadows their charm
      Maybe its time we show the light of ourselves within in return.

      Just to let you know
      Regardless of what others say I only took a former spouses name
      Not his property , not his stature
      I didn't pay attention to it then,
      So please remember that I simply have a last name

      Perhaps acceptance Is the way
      To live ones life.
      Forgiving those who harmed one, letting go not forgetting
      Perhaps moving forward and learning
      Living and accepting are the best things there are

      by Doris Ridge Mendlovitz

        Oh so beautiful Doris !!

          Why to go Doris

            Wrote what I felt. Thank you.
            love doris