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      I'm curious how one can send new music to Sir Paul McCartney?

      I'm attempting to find a personal address where Paul receives and reviews music. Having heard that Paul is open to listening and being turned on to new music, I had sent with the intention of gifting some of my Indie Folk Rock Duo's original music and a personal letter to an address I thought he would be able to personally receive. The address was to MPL Communications in NYC. They were considerate enough to return my package with a letter explaining that they didn't forward unsolicited material to Paul, wishing me best of luck in attempting further communication with him.

      So, now I'm here in this forum!

      Anyhow, if anyone knows of an address that Sir Paul McCartney has approved of to receive and review new music publicly, any and all help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank You & Best Wishes,
      Mariah Dawn Shepherd

      P.S. Moderator, if I have overstepped any boundaries by asking these questions, please feel free to remove this post and thank you for your understanding....

        It seems you've already had the answer to your question from MPL in New York.

        It's unadvised that you contact Paul directly, as he's a very private person, and his team at MPL have said "No", so they mean "No".

          Bummer, but thanks anyway.

          Kindness & Compassion,
          Mariah Dawn Shepherd

            P.S. MPL wished me 'best of luck' in further attempting to contact Paul through different avenues of communication, so, it seems by that statement, it wasn't a 'closed door' or a 'solid no' in researching other ways of contact.

            Anyway, cheers!

            It is highly improbable, but not impossible.

              Unless you know someone who personally knows Paul, it for sure is highly improbable.

                I suggest you put some of your music on a website of your own, or someplace like youtube. Then post a link here. You never know who might check it out! After all, that was the original plan for Apple Records.