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      It happened at once

      Got on the bus Hoping to find a future
      A better situation
      No harm intended to anyone
      Wanting to see a new horizon

      Instead of encouragement the unsightly reality crept in
      A smaller apartment than the one I was in showed up.
      A manager pointing in the direction of the old complex prior to the one I was in
      A theif laid in wait on the bus trip slightly ahead

      I got on My head felt as if it were going to crack
      I got off the bus.
      My back pack were not there
      I could not think

      Tried to get the bus there
      No assistance to help me stop it
      The company hung up would not help
      No drivers would radio ahead

      My birth certificate lay in that back pack
      Papers of housing I had put in for laid inside
      A red guitar pick I kept for safe keeping
      a note book only of basic information.

      Fumbling from a seizure is never an easy task
      Individuals now having personal data to abuse with is worse.
      A stranger approaching me about future housing on the bus
      Many so called friends suddenlying knowing all about me speaking to me.

      Wondering what is going through their heads
      Why did they try to steel apart of me I thought.
      Sought to seek assistance with this.
      Can replace things, too soon to regain too much composure.

      Yet wondering why the bus company
      Regards a lady with a walker who relys on them for transport
      In disregard, I was robbed,
      Yet I will move on with little trust for the ones I saw before there.

      A moment of time, brings a change of thinking
      A look at the individuals with no concicious
      Ones with a need to gang up on by rumor
      No forethought other than greed, sadistic head games afoot

      Yet my reaction is not as they wish I give them no looks
      I regard them not as honest or trustworthy
      Their motives are not worth anything
      The ones I thought I could trust are showing themselves

      An expereince makes one wonder why
      These people do such things.
      Why do they seek to harm, gang up
      Try to ruin and disturb a persons well being

      I guess once I move past this I will be stronger
      They may have a few papers my backpack,
      Their heartless act, Yet not my soul
      Not my mind or my life. I deny them my goodness, that they must earn.

      By Doris Mendlovitz

        How are you just so thoughtful Doris? really, good writing.
        btw, do you conssciously try to rhyme in strange places? because you end up doing it, if its done consciously its even sweeter! but even unconsciously is sweet.

          Its just based on an experience or something that happened and it just comes out that way.
          love doris

            This made me really sad Doris, I hope this didn't just happen recently... Sending some prayers your way, just in case!!

              Yea it did in the stolen back pack was my pmc guitar pick. I was ticked. I finally got a police report on it. It happened the last day of January.
              I express myself a lot in poems.
              love doris

                I am so sorry to hear that Doris... that's very bad karma for whoever did it.

                  Sorry this happened to you Doris......great poem though. Keep them coming. Hopefully under better circumstances.

                    JennyLP:Sorry this happened to you Doris......great poem though. Keep them coming. Hopefully under better circumstances.