My New Kindle Book: Sonic the Hedgehog and The Beatles


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      Hi all,

      I've been working on an article/book project over the past couple of months (to give an idea on its size, I intended for it to be a Kindle Single until I discovered that the program is backlogged with requests, so I went with the traditional Kindle publishing route), and it's actually rooted in an idea I shared on another forum a couple of years back. It's a comparative analysis of The Beatles and Sonic, though it's since been updated and extended, with the thoughts much more fully fleshed out. I know it's weird, but I think anyone with a bit of familiarity with the Sonic series will find it an enjoyable read.

      This is my first time publishing something in this manner, so I'm probably overly optimistic and naive about how successful it can be, but I wanted to get the word out wherever I can and figured that this forum may contain at least a handful of people with some interest in the subject. I also thought it might be helpful to post in this forum in case someone with Kindle publishing experience can notice if something is obviously wrong with the product listing, price or the book itself.

      I hope it's OK to post an announcement for its release here, and if anyone is interested in checking it out, so much the better.

      Sonic the Hedgehog and The Beatles


      (One note: It's a pretty ordinary title, but I felt it necessary as the topic is pretty 'out-there' to begin with; I didn't want to get too cute with the title and distract potential readers from its subject.)