Wildlife groups need drones to target poachers


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      Poachers and Conservation Groups Are in a High-Tech Arms Race


      Earlier this year, poachers in Zimbabwe managed to kill more than 300 elephants (and scores of other animals) in a single swoop by poisoning a lake with cyanide. Then reports turned up of someone trying to hack into an Indian wildlife manager?s email in order to steal data from a tiger?s GPS collar. And this week, managers in Kenya announced that they will be constructing a DNA database and outfitting all of their black rhinos with identification microchips.

      Chemical weapons, cyber attacks, and DNA analysis?the war between conservationists and poachers has never been more high tech. But then, with an industry valued at $19 billion annually, it?s easy to see why both poachers and those who fight them have had to up their game.