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      Hi Everyone!

      Ive loved being a Vegetarian! only thing is I have found myself becoming extremly hungry, almost like I have a never ending hole as a stomach... because of this ive been whacking on weight as well...

      I only have junky food once in a blue moon so I know its not that. Im quite sure that carby food ( Bread, Potatoes) is the cause of the problem of weight. problem is that's the only thing I can find that fills me :/

      what should I try? do you have any vegies I should be eating more of? are there certain recepies I should try?

      Thanks! Have a Great Day!!!

        Carbohydrates, eaten in sensible portions, should not cause weight gain and form an essential part of a vegetarian lifestyle.

        Usually losing the fat associated calories that come with meat products should give scope for a generous vegetarian diet without weight gain.

        That's assuming you don't drench your food with oil based dressings or fry to excess

        If this increase in appetite is new and disturbing you to the degree that your post suggests it might be sensible to pop along to your doctor for a medical check-up to rule out other reasons for the change in appetite.


        PS you don't indicate if you're a lad or a lass, you couldn't be pregnant could you?

          Thanks martinput!

          Sorry for not mentioning, im Female but not pregnant.

          I also don't drench my food with oils either... if I do have to use oil in cooking, Ill use olive oil ( unless on rare occasions like camping with scouts but even then, I don't do a lot of camping and we also rarely use oil as well)

          Hmm... I must be some sort of mutant if im gaining weight somehow XD

          ill think ill pop along to my doctor and see what the story is.

          Thank you again!

          Have a great day!

            I've been Vegetarian for 9 years now. The most filling food I think I snack on regularly are broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots(any heavy veggie that could break a window). I think if I wanted to make a really filling dinner I'd do a light stir fry with veggie mince or attempt cottage pie in the oven. Canned fruit and veg can actually be good too to have around for a quick option- three bean salad, fruit salad, soups- all those things keep me full.
            If I were to pick any chef's cookbook. I'd go with any veggie recipe by Gordon Ramsay, partly because they all tasted fine and were easy to follow instructions.

              Bananas can fill one up, but are a fruit that raises blood sugar more than some others. Don't know if you have blood sugar concerns.
              Wouldn't a "loaded potato" with lots of extras, a big tater fill you up? Just that for a meal sometimes?
              Make a really big salad with lots of good for you ingredients sprinkled on and consume it very slowly, for a meal. Be careful with the salad dressing
              I hate McDonald's, but must admit if you consume two of their breakfast biscuits or Egg McMuffins, they sit in your stomach like lead and you don't get hungry again for a long time.
              Brown rice or wild rice mixed with beans fills you up.

                I have been a vegetarian since 1979. and bought Diet For A Small Planet by Francis Moore Lappe in 1982. You should read it.

                  roblindblad:I have been a vegetarian since 1979. and bought Diet For A Small Planet by Francis Moore Lappe in 1982. You should read it.

                  Just ordered it - thanks - sounds good

                  Now it's colder I invested in a Soup machine - I make all kinds of soups now - great for veggies and very nutritious

                    Cool in the meantime one of the main things to do is to always mix 3 types of protein in the same meal being nuts & grains, vegetables, legumes and milk products.

                      awesome! thank you for putting your ideas in this fourm! cant wait to try them! I would be cooking and ordering a lot of these things but ive caught that certan stomach bug that makes you feel really really bad...

                        Poor U
                        Maybe try ginger tea or peppermint

                          Maybe you could make a huge salad with a lot of only low calorie ingredients and nibble and graze at it for at least an hour, you might feel full, that way Just keep noshing and noshing.