Does PETA support killing of animals in shelters?


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      My boyfriend just showed me this. any of you PETA members can tell me how much of this is true and how much is fabricated?

      It states that PETA supports the killing of pets in shelters. I know many members who don't believe in pets. they consider it slavery. I don't know how widespread that belief is in their originization

      but kidnapping pet dogs to have them killed?


        There are several individual stories here. This one has me really concerned:


        ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) ? Maya the chihuahua was a comfort to a little girl who moved to the Eastern Shore from Mexico. The girl?s family said the dog had a good life in their Parksley home and was well cared for. They told WAVY.com they can?t wrap their heads around why an organization that looks out for animals, took the dog from her home.

          You should email PETA and ask them about this.

            I really should and I will after I get this car insurance sorted out next week. It's a strong accusation

              Okay, I did it submitting an official query where I had to disclose all my personal information. It says two weeks for a reply . Let's hear what PETA will have to say on the matter

                a search of the website turned up this:

                So, yes, they do support euthanasia has a harsh reality. but it begs the bigger question: Did they steal a healthy dog from private property to euthanize it?

                If they are, I won't support them. It's one thing to accept a reality for homeless animals. It's another to steal someone's beloved pet

                  can't find any information on the stolen dog but here is their stance on pit bulls: Note: John Lennon style wordplay so I'm left confused at the end a bit


                    What is this "John Lennon wordplay" you're talking about?

                      It has to do with them wording it to sound one way but mean another.