Swine Flu or H1V1


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      I asked this in another forum but as it is very small I thought I would ask it here. Just something to ponder really.

      The government changed the name from Swine Flu to H1V1 because the meat industry lobbied for it. They didn't want meat to be linked to any disease, bad for business ya know. Shouldn't veggies start calling it Swine flu to remind people you can get diseases from meat? Even though I do eat meat, I really don't like being dictated to by a lobbying group.

        What happens if you take tamiflu and in fact you didnt have the H1N1 Flu?
        i mean you could have just had a normal seasonal flu but the doctors on the phone or online diagnosed it as the H1N1 Flu and gave you tamiflu medicine.what if you really do get the H1N1 flu.what do you do then?
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          Funny he, that about 1,5 year ago the world was going mad over the swine flu/mexican flu (what's in a name) and now you hear nothing about it anymore.
          Swine flu was 'created' by the pharmaceutical industry and several governments. Big fuss about nothing more then a different version of flu. I had it, no big deal. More people die of 'normal' flu every year than people died of swine flu.
          But it was good for our business (we sell a.o. soaps for hospitals and stuff) so bring on more of that crap