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      On September 24, 2009, in the City of Maywood, Illinois USA, a dog fighting ring was discovered and broken up by the Cook County Sheriff's Police. Sheriff Thomas Dart and a Veterinarian Assistant from the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, Illinois were pictured in the Chicago Tribune newspaper holding some of the 8-week old pit bull puppies. The picture spoke in volumes, with the puppies held in the secure arms of Sheriff Dart and the vet assistant. The look on the face of the puppies looking at their rescuers was priceless. According to various news reports, at the same location where these precious little puppies and dogs were harmed, a licensed daycare facility was within 10 feet of the garage where the dogs were trained to fight. Can you imagine dropping off your children to be looked after and within ten feet there was death and destruction of these wonderful animals?

      I for one am thankful that the dog fighting ring was discovered and the puppies and dogs were removed. They will be available for adoption within the next few weeks depending on the injuries many of them sustained. It just breaks my heart to hear about animal abuse and torture. However, these lovely dogs and puppies will become cherished and beloved fur children in their new homes. A special thanks goes out to the people that prevailed above fear to report this dog fighting ring to the police. Yes, three people have been arrested and I hope the criminal justice system in Cook County, Illinois gets it right this time around.

        I found this thread to revive it after reading of the 2nd largest dogfighting ring in US history was busted this past week that stretches across the Southern USA, but as is all
        crime is not limited to a certain geographic location:



        I posted this article in the 'what do you think of dogs' thread. But thought it was important to discuss this issue further. Some people, who lived around the properties where these dogs were being forced to fight for profit to human beings, are now looking to law enforcement to help find their missing pets that were possibly taken by these criminals to throw to the fighting dogs for bait! So evil!

          There was another case of abused dogs forced to fight and endure HELL earlier this month about 32 miles where I live now. There were I think over a dozen or so dogs found chained up and no shelter in a dirt area. And then there was a dog fighting pit found nearby. Right in plain sight of the world and no one reports it! Let me find the article:


          God this makes me so mad.


            They never knew love. Poor babies.

              I read that the dogs in the Autaugaville, Alabama dog fighting ring that were saved
              are doing well and saw somewhere a photo of a lady in the Humane Shelter giving one a kiss in the face. It was so sweet. I think 3 had to be 'euthanized.'
              I will find an article later on their progress.