Fox News calls MFM brainwashing


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      What's funny is I could counter this. I grew up in the 70s learning about the four food groups which it turns out were invented to sell products not for nutrition.

      How come Fox isn't whining about that?

        Or how many times the "Food groups" have changed!

          Food grouping wasn't even about our health. It was about promoting products to sell

          Even the food pyramid, which makes a semblence of sense for what works for me, was originally promoting certain whole grains to eat and not others or other types of what we perceive as grain products (but are too refined to be nutritous).

          The manufacterers of the 'bad grain' products were up in arms

            Some GOP pol has called weed "a vegetable" and decried its effects--veggies make people more healthy, you know nothing ! I wished to tell him. "It's natural, man"

              Weed isn't a vegetable. It's an herb. a plant without wood on its stem.

              I hate when people screw up basic science. Just shows how stupid they really are