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      Photos of Paul, Linda and family supporting vegetarian causes.

        Launch of Linda's vegetarian burgers, 1991

            Publicity photo for "Meat Free Monday," June 2009

            Photo credit: paulmccartney.com

              Paul with Mary, Stella and James, and Yoko Ono, and others unidentified, for launch of "Meat Free Monday," June 2009.

                Paul with Japanese "Meat Free Monday" campaign group, 2015

                Photo credit: MJ Kim/MPL

                  Paul and daughter Mary in publicity photo for Linda McCartney Foods (Meat Free vegetarian)


                    Paul and daughters Mary and Stella with managers and workers at Linda McCartney Foods. Linda would be so very proud!


                      Paul with Vanessa and Lavender, calves that were taken in by Linda after their mother died.  They became family pets.  (See this video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weWdqGq1Cd8 where Linda tells their story.)  

                          Paul, Linda and family with their animal friends (1974?)

                            Photo of pet geese, taken by Linda at the McCartney home in Scotland, 1982

                            Photo credit: lindamccartney on Instagram


                              If you're wanting to go veggie, and trying to cook healthy meals, these are photos of some of Linda's cookbooks that are available.  (Check with your favorite bookstore or amazon or ebay to purchase.)




                                 Linda with pet chickens

                                Photo credit:  Official website of Linda's Memorial Garden in Kintyre http://www.lindasgarden.co.uk/biography2.htm

                                  Linda's Memorial Garden in Kintyre


                                  Statue of Linda

                                  Memorial Garden

                                  From link above:

                                  Following Linda McCartney's passing, a group of friends and admirers in Kintyre, where she had felt so at home, resolved that her memory and her contribution to Kintyre where her ashes now rest, should be recognised in a fitting manner. Thus they decided to form a small charitable trust, the Linda McCartney Kintyre Memorial Trust, in order to create a memorial garden in her memory.

                                  After discussions with the Trustees, Sir Paul McCartney generously agreed to donate a bronze sculpture to the Trust as a centre-piece for the garden.

                                  All other funds have been raised from individuals within the community, with the support of Argyll and the Islands Enterprise, Campbeltown and Kintyre Enterprise Trust, and particularly Argyll and Bute Council.

                                  The garden is a quiet haven for rest and contemplation. It is the Trust's hope that in the longer term, renovation of adjacent buildings will allow an opportunity for the creation of a gallery alongside the garden where exhibits of Linda McCartney's striking Kintyre photographs may be displayed together with other aspects of her work.

                                    Photo credit:  http://www.lindasgarden.co.uk/biography.htm

                                      LadyLeslie wrote:Paul with Mary, Stella and James, and Yoko Ono, and others unidentified, for launch of "Meat Free Monday," June 2009. 

                                      Looks like Kelly Osbourne behind Yoko. 

                                        Autograph Paul gave to owners of "Vegetarian Shoes" - a company that manufactures shoes from non-animal sources

                                        Photo credit:  http://www.vegetarian-shoes.co.uk/


                                          Photo of Linda posted on daughter Mary's Instagram a few days ago.