Bear shootings in Canada


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      So, I am posting this because it makes me quite upset. First, I am a Canadian, so I love my country and I am proud to be Canadian. However, I have always prided us on being sensible people who respect each other and our wildlife.

      However, I was very sad to hear two stories over the past few months. One was three days ago. A Grizzly bear broke into a home and the family was startled and shot it out of fear.

      You can read the article here but the picture is graphic.

      First, I understand why they were afraid, but I think that in the same situation I would lock myself in a room and call the police to get animal control out there. Oh, and I wouldn't leave my door open with only a screen door for protection in a heavily bear populated area. But that's just me. And of course I don't even own a gun, so calling the police really would be my only option. But it should be the go-to option anyway right?

      What do you guys think?

      However, since police shot a bear in Newmarket, I guess their response is to shoot as well. This makes no sense to me! Especially because that was a black bear, which isn't even as dangerous as a grizzly. Again, I unerstand that this was a suburban area with a lot of people, but where was animal control to tranquilize and relocate the bear?

      You can read the article here.

      Thoughts and opinions? How would you react to waking up to a bear in your house or in your backyard?

        It is unfortunate, however, if the story is true, that the bear came at the hunter when he turned on the light, then I think he did the right thing. The local conservationists who knew the bear well haven't been reported as taking issue with the shooting, but if they do, I'd like to read about it.

        On the other hand, I wouldn't automatically trust the word of a hunter.
        Looking at the pictures, I wonder if the hunter entered the kitchen from the direction that he poses in, because if so, the bear is facing away from that direction. The hunter reported that the bear came at him first, and then again when he fired the second shot which dropped the bear.

          It's hard to criticize someone for killing a very large omnivore that broke into their house when you don't know the circumstances.